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The BCI Bucket Elevator is built to the highest quality in the industry. Our elevator buckets are built to last and will perform under the most demanding of applications. BCI’s bucket conveyor is built to be maintenance friendly and are designed with your maintenance team in mind. BCI provides customers with the knowledge to properly operate and maintain their equipment for optimal performance. Every Bucket Conveyor is fitted and matched marked before shipping to ensure an easy onsite installation. Every BCI Elevating Conveyor is custom built to the customer’s specifications. BCI has the experience and expertise to Elevate Your Conveying Standards.

  • minimum 3/16”- head housing
  • minimum 1/4“- boot housing
  • #10 ga. Leg casings
  • Dodge type “SAF” Imperial 4-bolt pillow block bearings at head and boot sections
  • Holtz lagging on head pulleys
  • Spiral wing boot pulleys
  • XT bushings on pulleys
  • Gravity/screw take up at boot section
  • Manual R & P cleanouts at boot section
  • Standard shovel pocket and inspection doors at boot section
  • Explosion relief panels per NFPA-61
  • Standard shaft guards
  • Belt alignment switches at head and boot sections
  • Belt/bucket access sections
  • Ladder, cage, rest platforms, work platforms optional
  • Lifting lugs for head section covers
  • Standard horizontal x-bracing (vertical x-bracing optional)
  • All components pre assembled prior to shipment
  • Capacities to 80,000 bph
  • Liners available at wear points (expanded metal backed urethane, ceramic chip urethane, ceramic)
  • Capacities to 80,000 bph
  • Liners available (200bhn AR, 400 bhn AR, 500 bhn AR, 1/4″ or 1/2″ ceramic)
  • Stainless steel construction available
  • All equipment pre-fitted before shipping

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Bucket Elevator Definitions

Bucket Elevator – A bucket elevator, also called a grain leg, is a mechanism for hauling flowable bulk materials (most often grain or fertilizer) vertically.

Elevator Buckets – Buckets designed from different materials and in different shapes. Elevator buckets are attached to a bucket elevator and used for the purpose of moving different type of materials.

Bucket Conveyor – A bucket conveyor consist of endless chains or belts to which are attached buckets to convey bulk material in horizontal, inclined, and vertical paths.

Conveyor Belt – A conveyor belt is a continuous moving band of fabric, rubber, or metal used for moving objects from one place to another.

Elevating Conveyor – An elevating conveyor is any conveyor used to discharge material at a point higher than that at which it was received. Term is specific. applied to certain underground mine conveyors.